Quarterly Economic Commentary
Click here to download High Pointe’s most recent quarterly economic commentary entitled "The Magical Equity Markets"

The Wall Street Transcript interviews Dr. Gautam Dhingra
Click here to to view the transcript of a recent interview of our Founder by The Wall Street Transcript

ESG, Motherhood and Apple Pie
This paper helps ESG investors think through some important policy issues.

The US Tax Outlook: Changing States?
The This paper discusses the outlook for higher taxes and how investors should navigate.

Headwinds Approaching: Are ESG Investors Prepared?
This paper urges ESG investors to be watchful for the potential for recent investment tailwinds to become headwinds.

ESG Investing: Can You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?
This paper shows that ESG investing can be done without a performance penalty and it might even enhance the quality of the portfolio.

Franchise Quality Score - A Metric for Intangibles
This paper that describes the intution behind our investment strategy

Growth vs. Value - Waiting for GODOT
This paper discusses whether it is time to switch from growth stocks to value stocks

The Old Faithful Portfolio
A Paper that describes a new idea for constructing portfolios to manage through the difficult times