Quarterly Economic Commentary
Click here to download High Pointe’s most recent quarterly economic commentary entitled "Nobel Thoughts"

ESG Investing: A Constraint or An Opportunity
This paper describes High Point's research that is designed to answer the question whether ESG investing can add alpha or whether it incurs a performance penalty.Contact Dr. Gautam Dhingra if youd would like to get a copy of this paper.

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Intangibles, ESG and Stock Selection
A Presentation at the CFA Society Chicago Research Symposium
September 7, 2017

Franchise Quality Score - A Metric for Intangibles
A Paper that describes the intution behind our investment strategy

Growth vs. Value - Waiting for GODOT
A Paper that discusses whether it is time to switch from growth stocks to value stocks

The Old Faithful Portfolio
A Paper that describes a new idea for constructing portfolios to manage through the difficult times

The Wall Street Transcript Interview
In this interview our founder Dr. Gautam Dhingra, discusses High Pointe's focus on franchise quality in implementing its unique investment approach. Click here to download a copy of the interview.